Room Information

A variety of rooms are available for use at the library. When making a reservation, please keep the following information in mind:

  • With the exception of the Faculty & Graduate Student Lounge, rooms are not available for personal use.
  • Groups outside the two college communities whose intended use is in keeping with the educational mission of the Library may request the use of library spaces. Decisions about use by outside groups will be made by the library administration on a case-by-case basis.
  • In order to provide the best possible study environment for Loyola and Notre Dame students, the library administration limits the amount and type of events that take place during the final weeks of classes and during final exams.
  • While the majority of events must take place during normal library hours, the administration will occasionally make exceptions.
  • Parking is available at the library, but can be limited at times. If your event will be bringing visitors to campus who may wish to park at the library lot, please be sure to indicate this in your request.
  • The administration reserves the right to approve any type of use of library rooms on a case-by-case basis.
  • Information on the rooms available for reservation may be found below.

Once you have chosen a room to reserve, check the calendar for availability and fill out the appropriate reservation form.

If you have any questions please contact Administrative Services, at (410) 617-6814 or

Reservation Forms


Ridley Auditorium
The Ridley Auditorium is on the Lower Level and seats 100. Technology capabilities include showing DVDs and VHS tapes and projection from a laptop. A lapel microphone and a hand-held wireless microphone are available. Refreshments are allowed in the auditorium.
Please note: The Library must ensure that all media screenings taking place in the auditorium are in compliance with copyright law. Such screenings will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
Screening Room
The Screening Room is on the Lower Level and seats 24 in armchair-style seats that feature swiveling desktops. Technology capabilities include showing DVDs and VHS tapes and projection from a laptop.
Please note: The Library must ensure that all media screenings taking place in the screening room are in compliance with copyright law. Such screenings will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
Ferguson Gallery
The Ferguson Gallery is on the Main Level of the Library, just inside the two entrance doors. Its primary purpose is the display of art created by Notre Dame and Loyola faculty and students, though it may also be scheduled for special events planned by faculty, administration or staff of the two institutions. The Gallery is not available for use by groups not affiliated with the colleges. Arrangements for the provision of food and drink, as well as tables, microphone and other special equipment, must be made in conjunction with the library.
As events held in the Gallery are disruptive for students and others who use the space for academic purposes, the library administration reserves the right to limit the number and nature of events held in the Gallery. These limitations are based on the amount of academic use the library as a whole sees at various points in the semester (final exams & study periods, etc.), and approvals for use of this space are made by the library administration on a case-by-case basis.
Level 1 Seminar Room
The Level 1 Seminar Room provides seating for 12 around a conference table. Available technology includes a table-top projector that can be used with a laptop, as well as a document camera. Food and drink are not permitted.
Level 2 Seminar Room
The Level 2 Seminar Room provides seating for 10 around a conference table. Food and drink are not permitted.
Board Room
The Board Room is located on the third level and seats 18 at a conference table, with room for additional seating around the perimeter. The room is equipped with a white board and large projection screen, and a laptop and tabletop projector can be provided upon request. Food and drink are allowed in the Board Room, which has a small built-in sideboard and room for tables to hold additional refreshments. Arrangements for the provision of food, drink, and any additional equipment must be made in conjunction with the library.
The Collaboratory at the Library is an active learning space that seats up to 20 people. It can be reserved by faculty from both Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University. The room is designed to highlight active learning, allowing students and faculty to utilize multiple types of devices to share information and collaborate. Both faculty and students may project content from their phones, computer, or tablet, and share with a group on screen. Moveable furniture and individual whiteboards allow for small group and class sharing allowing for flexibility in brainstorming and group problem solving. Visit for more information and to book the room.
Instructional Labs
The library has two instruction labs on the Main Level. Lab A has 20 PC laptops and Lab B has 30 PCs workstations. The Loyola/Notre Dame Library is the primary campus venue supporting information literacy education. During the first half of each semester, priority scheduling for the Instruction Labs is given to librarian-led instruction sessions requested by teaching faculty. Faculty who wish to teach a class in one of these labs may submit a reservation request; Students may not reserve the instructional labs.
The instruction labs are also available, on a limited basis, for faculty and staff at the colleges who are arranging training sessions or workshops. The Research & Instruction Department will approve this type of use on a case-by-case basis, depending on the number of library instruction sessions and credit-bearing classes already scheduled.
Faculty who wish to request a library instruction session, or who wish to use one of the labs to teach a class or hold a workshop, should fill out the Instruction Request Form. This form may also be used to request instruction sessions to be held outside of the library.
Faculty/Graduate Student Study Room
The Faculty/Graduate Student Study Room is on the Second Level and provides four study spaces (carrels) with lockable cabinets and drawers. The primary purpose of the room is to provide Loyola and Notre Dame faculty and graduate students who are working on long-term research projects (e.g. books, theses, dissertations) a space to work and store their research materials. No computer workstations are provided in this room (laptops may be checked out from the Circulation desk). Library materials that are stored in this space must first be checked out.
The carrels are available for the length of a semester or summer period, and may be renewed up to two times for a maximum total time of one calendar year. Requests for reservations for a semester or summer may be made no earlier than one month prior to the start of the semester or summer. Individual faculty and graduate students needing a quiet place to study may also use the Faculty/Graduate Student Study Room on a walk-in or appointment basis when not in use. The study room may not be scheduled for use outside of normal library hours.
To use of the Faculty/Graduate Student Study Room, please stop by the Circulation Desk or call (410) 617-6802.
Digital Lab
The Digital Lab is located on the Lower Level of the Library. The lab contains 15 high-end workstations (Macs and PCs) loaded with a variety of audio and video editing software, as well as graphic design and web design programs. The lab operates primarily on a walk in basis, though appointments can be made and the space is available for credit-bearing classes to meet. Please note that the Digital Lab’s hours vary from the library’s hours. More information about the lab can be found on the Digital Media Lab page.  If you wish to reserve the Digital Lab fill out the Digital Lab Reservation Form.
Group Study Rooms
Several group study rooms are available on the second and third floor. These rooms are primarily intended for groups (3 or more) of Loyola & Notre Dame students. These rooms may not be scheduled in advance. During times of heavy use (final exam period, etc.) single students using a Group Study Room may be asked to move to make room for groups practicing presentations or collaboratively studying or working on a project.