Library WiFi Access

General Information About Wireless Access
The Loyola Notre Dame Library is now a Wi-Fi hot-spot. Most public locations in the library are Wi-Fi accessible on all four floors. Laptops equipped with Wi-Fi cards (PC or Mac) can now take advantage of wireless Internet access for Web and e-mail usage.

Wi-Fi wireless networks use radio waves to communicate. Wireless computers must be equipped with radio transmitter/receivers (Wi-Fi cards) to take advantage of the service. Wireless computers require central hubs to communicate with. These hubs are called Access Points. Laptops (through a log-on routine) make themselves known to the Access Points and through them communicate to the wireless network.


Using Your Own Laptop With a Wireless Card
No real configuration should need to be done.

If you're in an area of the library where there is signal, the wireless adapter in your laptop should pick up the existence of the wireless LAN. You may be able to access the Internet directly, or your screen may display a popup in the system tray stating something similar to "One or more wireless networks have been detected. Click here to configure."

Click on the balloon, and it should show you a network option. There may be a check box that says "Allow me to connect to this network even though it is not secure." Check this box if it is not checked already, and click on the Connect button.

Your laptop should automatically get an IP address from Loyola's server. To check this, try accessing a webpage. If you are able to get to the Internet, you should be all set. If not, you may be able to manually pick a network by clicking on the network icon on your desktop (Network Image) and choosing either GatorNet, HoundNet, or LNDL_Guest (if one doesn't work, try another). If none of these work, there is most likely a hardware incompatibility between your wireless adapter and the wireless transmitter/receiver used by Loyola. If there is a problem, please contact the company that manufactured your adapter, or your computer company; the library will not offer support for machines it does not own.

If you have problems getting your laptop to access our wireless network, you are welcome to use one of the library's public computers. Current Loyola and Notre Dame students with valid ID have the added option of checking out one of the laptop computers available in Media Services.

Please make sure you scan your laptop regularly for viruses. If the network scanners discover a laptop that is infected, you may be denied access to the wireless network. For additional resources, click on one of the links below (links will open in a separate window):

On-Campus Help

Anti-Virus Software (purchase may be required)

  • Symantec Corporation (
    Commercial site where you can purchase anti-virus software, or get virus alerts.
  • McAfee Security (
    This is also a commercial site with virus alerts, but McAfee also has some free utilities and beta software available for download.
  • Stinger (
    This is a free stand-alone utility that detects and removes specific viruses. It should be used in conjuction with a program that offers full anti-virus protection.

For Virus Alerts

  • AVERT Virus Alerts (
    This free virus alert page is maintained by Network Associates, McAfee's parent company.
  • Symantec Security Response (
    Symantec's free virus alert page.
  • CERT Coordination Center (
    The Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) is a government agency responsible for "protecting our nation's Internet infrastructure by coordinating defense against and response to cyber attacks." This site, maintained by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, contains information on all kinds of system vulnerabilities (including viruses), and offers advice on how to fix or avoid them.


Laptop Usage

We are also pleased to offer current students at Loyola and Notre Dame with valid ID's a small number of laptop computers for checkout in Media Services. The checkout procedure will entail photocopying the student's ID and signing a contract to return equipment the same day of loan.

laptop image

1. The laptops are wireless (Wi-Fi enabled).
2. The operating system is Windows XP. Allow it to boot-up.
3. There is no need to log on. Each public area in the library is Wi-Fi accessible, but if you lose signal just move to a different location.
4. Do not save files on the laptop – use an external USB (“thumb”) drive or save files to the desktop and email them as attachments.
5. Shutting down the unit restores it to its original configuration – and erases any saved files.

Be aware of power usage. The laptops can run for several hours fully charged, but it is safer to use the AC adapter/recharger whenever possible.

If you have questions concerning the checkout or use of the laptops, please call Media Services at 410-617-6803.