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Contrary to popular opinion, NOT ALL ARTICLES ARE ON THE WEB. Don't despair - there are several ways to get full-text articles:

1. First, compile a list of articles that you did not find full-text.

Copy all pertinent information, including the title of the article, the name of the periodical, the date, and the volume and issue numbers.

2. Next, check to see if these articles might be in one of the Library's full-text databases.

Go to the Library's homepage (www.loyola.edu/library) and click on Electronic Journals from the top toolbar. Enter the title of a PERIODICAL (journal, magazine, or newspaper) and click on "Search." If the periodical is available full-text in one of the Library's databases, a list of these databases will appear along with the dates covered in each database. Click on the linked database name to look for the article you need.

In some cases, the database will bring you directly to the periodical you want and will list all of the articles available full-text. In other cases, you will have to search the database to find the periodical and/or the article you need.

3. If you cannot locate the full text online, check to see if the Library subscribes to the paper version of the periodical.

  • Go to the Loyola/Notre Dame Library (LNDL) Web site (www.loyola.edu/library) and click on SHARC Catalog.
  • Type in the name of the periodical (for example, Journal of Social History,) and select Journal Title as the type of search. Limit to Loyola Notre Dame Library.
  • If the title appears, the Library subscribes to the periodical. Look at the record by clicking on the title. The "Notes" line indicates the dates we hold.

4. If the Loyola/Notre Dame Library does not subscribe to the periodical, you may possibly get the article from another library.

  • If you have time (one to two weeks), you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

    Go to the LNDL website (www.loyola.edu/library). Select the appropriate form (Article or Book) from the right-hand column under "Request Forms," fill it out, and zap it to the Library. We'll let you know when your article gets here.

  • If you have transportation, you may go to another library that
    subscribes to the periodical. To determine which other libraries
    subscribe to the periodical:

    Check the catalogs of other libraries in the area to see if they
    subscribe. Click on Other Libraries from the LNDL homepage, or check the Periodicals in Maryland Libraries database. For more information and to connect to it, see ww.sailor.lib.md.us/MD_topics/lib/_per.html.


Call your friendly LNDL reference librarian (410-617-6802) who will check and let you know which libraries subscribe to the periodical.

For instructions on remote access, please see Accessing the Databases from Home.

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