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The St. John's Bible at the Loyola Notre Dame Library

The St. John's Bible occupies a permanent, custom-made enclosed display at the North end of the library's main floor, with ceiling-to-floor banners representing the volumes hanging directly behind the case. It has spaces for all seven volumes of the St. John's Bible. The central display case is elevated and wider to accommodate an open volume, so that patrons can see examples of the script and artistry contained within.

Our exhibit features books from the Heritage Edition, an extraordinary fine art reproduction of the original Saint John's Bible in Wales. It has been printed on 100% cotton, acid-free archival paper supplied by the Monadnock Paper Mills of Bennington, New Hampshire; this archival paper will last for generations. For the text, a fade-resistant, permanent ink was applied by the John Roberts Company through a special printing technique using ultraviolet light, accomplished on a rare, high-tech, six-color Heidelberg XL-105 press. The red leather binding with spines and covers embossed in gold foil was handcrafted by Roswell Bookbinding in Phoenix, Arizona. Gold and silver foils are affixed to the illuminations to capture the stunning effect of gold and platinum leaf in the original. The use of gold throughout the Bible, from Creation to Apocalypse, directs the reader to the presence of the divine. The Loyola Notre Dame Library owns the 44th copy of the 299 copies that were made from the original. No other copies will be produced.

Patrons can make appointments to view individual volume(s) of the St. John's Bible by contacting Archives & Special Collections at 410-617-6868 or the Research & Instruction desk at 410-617-6802. A seminar room with a large table is available for this purpose. Both individual and group appointments are possible, and select library staff are available to provide general commentary and background on the volumes as they are perused.