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Tips for Using RefWorks

RefWorks enables you to store, annotate, organize and even search your citations on a number of topics. It also provides an easy way to format your papers, references and works cited.

However, before you start, keep in mind:
  • It takes some time to learn RefWorks. Before using RefWorks, consider the number of citations you need and the length of time you will be doing your research.

  • If you only need a few citations and you won't continue research after a paper or two, you may not want to take the time to learn RefWorks.

  • RefWorks is not a perfect system. You will still need a basic knowledge of various citation styles.

  • Always edit each citation for accuracy and completeness of citation.

  • Edit after you import or export a citation.

  • Proofread your footnotes and bibliography for any omissions or errors.

  • Download Write-N-Cite on your home computer and follow the instructions given:
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