Plagiarism & Citation Resources

Students and faculty should be aware of two things regarding plagiarism and proper citation:

The first thing to know is that both Universities have an honor code policy. This is spelled out for Loyola students (and faculty) in the Honor Code Statement and further information is available on the rest of the Honor Code/Honor Council portion of the Loyola website. NDMU students and faculty are expected to honor the NDMU Honor Pledge in order to adhere to the NDMU Honor Code.

The second thing that students and faculty should be aware of is that the Loyola/Notre Dame Library has resources to assist students in their efforts to pursue sound, ethical scholarship:
  • We have convenient links to MLA, APA and Chicago citation style guides right on the library home page.
  • Reference librarians are available for citation consultations by email, phone (410-617-6802) or in person. Appointments are welcome but not necessary.
  • The LND Library holds 3-4 Avoiding Plagiarism/Citation Methods workshops every semester (schedule available here). These workshops are often required for students facing sanctions by the Honor Council [Loyola] or the Honor Board [NDMU]. Please contact John Breitmeyer at or 410-617-6833 for a workshop registration or an individual appointment.
Loyola faculty reporting instances of plagiarism can fill out the Honor Code Violation Report Form, which has the appropriate contact information at the bottom of the form. NDMU faculty can make contact with the Honor Board through Jennifer McKay at 410-532-5733 or