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Project Muse provides full text access to over 100 scholarly titles in the humanities, social sciences and mathematics published by several academic presses.

To use Project Muse:
  1. Go to the Library's homepage (http://www.loyola.edu/library).
  2. Click on Databases by Title from the top toolbar.
  3. Click on the letter P, then choose Project Muse.
  4. Click on Search. You are now ready to do a basic search.
  5. Type search terms in the "Search for" box.
  6. Select the type of search from the drop down box, next to "In".
    • Article text - Full-text of the article.
    • LC Subject - Subject of articles based on Library of Congress subject terms.
    • Author Reviewed - Authors or editors of books reviewed in Muse. Playwrights and directors of performances reviewed or artists of exhibitions reviewed.
    • Title Reviewed - Titles of works (books, exhibitions, plays, films) reviewed in MUSE.

    Other Options:

    • Limit by Article Author (optional)
    • Select how you want to sort or view your search results. Sort by:
      • Date in Ascending or Descending Order
      • Journal in Ascending or Descending Order
      • Relevance of occurrences - general relevance (indicated by "score" in the results).
      • Number of occurrences - ranks by number of times the search term occurs in the document
    • To select the number of citations to be viewed on one page, click the drop-down menu next to "Display."

  7. Click on Search. To change your search terms, click on Clear.


  • To refine (narrow) your search (optional):
    • Type the terms in the search box.
    • Select the area of the articles you want searched from the drop down menu.
    • Click on Send.
  • Click on View This Document to see the Full-text
    • Print the document from "File" on the browser tool bar.
  • Click on More Results for next page. Click on Previous Results to go back.

Help and Navigational Aids

  • Click Help on the right side of the screen.
  • Click New Search to start again.
  • Click Return to Muse to go back to the Project Muse homepage.

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