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Finding Marketing Information
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This guide will help you find information about companies and industries, including sales, trends, and market share. For help on a specific topic or research question, please contact the Reference Desk (410-617-6802).

Search 1: Finding the SIC/NAICS Code

The SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Code and the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) Code are two ways of organizing industry information; NAICS is an updated version of SIC. You can use either one to find out about your company's industry, including industry sales information, and major competitors.

Note: If a company is involved in more than one industry, the primary SIC/NAICS code (the industry in which the company is most active) is always at the top of the list.

Places to Find SIC/NAICS Codes

DatabaseSearch to Use How to SearchExample
BCRC Company Type in the company name or ticker symbol * If you only have the brand name, use the Product/Brand Name search box to find out who makes the productNabisco, AAPL (Apple Computer) * Oreos, Cap'n Crunch
Hoover's Online Company Name Type in the company name or ticker symbol Cannot search by brand name Quaker Oats, PEP (Pepsi)

Search 2: Finding Market Share Information in BCRC

One of the other things you can do while looking at a company profile is find business ranking and market share information.

1. Open Business and Company Resource Center (BCRC).
2. Use Company Search to find your company.
3. Click on the Rankings tab at the top of the screen.

The Business Rankings tab may include sales or marketing information ("Companies with the Greatest Return on Advertising in the Food Industry, 1999"), as well as other less relevant topics ("Largest Chicago-Area Office Lease Holders, 2000").

The Market Share tab tells you who the big players are in an industry - what companies produce or sell the most. This information comes from Market Share Reporter, an annual publication which we also have in print (2002-2004) in Reference.

Search 3: Using Articles to Find Market Share Information

In many cases, you will be looking for just a small segment within an industry (e.g., energy drinks as a subdivision of soft drinks, which are SIC 2086/NAICS 312111). In this case, you may have to rely on information from articles to find market share, and to find out who your direct competitors are. The same is true if you are looking for information on a privately-held company (e.g. SC Johnson, Hooters, Mars).

You can look for information in any of the following databases:

Database TypeDatabase Name How to Search For Articles
Magazine/Journal Business and Company Resource Center (BCRC),

Business Source Premier
Click on the Advanced search button and search for your product. Click on the Advanced search tab at the top of the page and do a keyword search for your product. Do a keyword search; leave limits off, unless you need a specific date range.
Newspaper Lexis/Nexis,

Wall Street Journal (1986-present),

New York Times
Click on the Guided News Search tab, select Business News, then choose your source (Business & Finance, Industry, etc.) You can also try searching in General News, which includes the major dailies from around the country. Be sure to select a date range - default is only the last 6 months. For both of these databases, click on the Advanced search tab at the top of the page, and do a keyword search for your industry segment.
General (information on many topics) Academic Search Premier,

Expanded Academic
Do a keyword search; do not set limits unless you need a specific date range Start with a Subject Guide search (default), and type in the industry you're looking for - this may help you find alternate names for your industry.
Consumer Information
SRDS Choose "Local Market Audience Analyst" and find datasets by location, consumer characteristics and industry/product category

Note: If full text is not available for the article you want, look for the 'Search for Full Text' button, which appears in Business Source Premier and Academic Search Premier; there is also a link in Expanded Academic. All the newspaper databases are full text.

Marketing Information Search Tips

Tip Why? Example
Use Quotes around phrases It forces the computer to look for the exact words in that exact order "Energy Drinks"
Use parentheses to combine terms when using both AND and OR Parentheses tell the computer how to group terms Pepsi and sales or trends= "find all articles including the terms Pepsi and sales, plus any article with the word trends" Pepsi and (sales or market)= "find all articles with either the term sales or market, but return the ones that also contain the term Pepsi"
Use the truncator (*) Looks for variants of a word that start with the letters you type trend* (trend, trends, trendy, trendsetter, etc.)
Use synonyms and related terms Databases may use a different name for the same concept; new concepts may go by several names before an industry agrees on one "energy drinks" = "Isotonic beverages" Future of an industry = trend, forecast
Pay attention to journal names Be on the lookout for trade publications, which are magazines focusing on people and companies in a particular industry. You can narrow your search to these publications to find more information about your particular product, company, or brand. Advertising Age, Brandweek, Nation's Restaurant News

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