Values Statement

The staff of the Loyola · Notre Dame Library shares the following organizational values that underpin the strategic plan:


The Loyola · Notre Dame Library is dedicated to providing the highest quality of library services to assist users in fulfilling their diverse information needs. The Library implements policies and procedures that encourage full use of its resources and services, and maintains hours and staffing designed to match the usage patterns of its users.


The Loyola · Notre Dame Library recognizes its role as a teaching library and works in partnership with faculty to help students master information competency skills that are critical to independent intellectual inquiry and life long learning. The Library supports the research objectives of faculty and students by providing access to materials appropriate to their interests.


The Loyola · Notre Dame Library recognizes the right of the academic community to pursue uncensored research on a wide variety of topics. The Library will support academic research with appropriate resources, regardless of their controversial or unpopular nature. The Library respects the confidentiality of all transactions with its users and will not provide information regarding such transactions except as required by law.


The Loyola · Notre Dame Library anticipates and identifies users’ needs and changes in the academic and information environments and responds creatively by improving traditional services or offering new ones.


The Loyola · Notre Dame Library is committed to the conscientious utilization of its material and human resources for the benefit of the communities it serves. The Library deals in an open and candid manner with all of its users and staff members.


The Loyola · Notre Dame Library provides services and resources on an equal basis to the Loyola and Notre Dame university communities. The Library defines varying levels of service for faculty/staff, students, alumni, and nonaffiliated users, and all users within each group are treated equally. The Library establishes and maintains human resource policies and practices that result in the fair and equitable treatment of its staff members.


The Loyola · Notre Dame Library recognizes that successes result from the combined efforts of individuals working together as a team in an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation.


The Loyola · Notre Dame Library supports and promotes diversity at all levels of Library function—staff, users, collections, policies, and programs. The Library believes that each person contributes unique talents, life experiences, heritage, and ethnicity that enrich an open and inclusive learning environment and help the Library deliver optimum service to its users. This belief in diversity ensures that all Library staff are treated with courtesy, respect, and dignity by managers and fellow workers; establishes education and training programs that foster communication with others and respect for their unique values and contributions; includes individuals of diverse backgrounds in policymaking; implements employment practices that give a fair chance to all; and builds a rich and diverse Library collection.