Mission and Strategic Plan

Library: Future Directions in Information Technology

The Library depends upon information technology to provide core services and resources. The academic environment within which the Library operates requires the implementation of rapid technological change to meet the research and information needs of faculty and students.


Implement enhancements in technology to improve the usability, searchability, and delivery of online resources, and incorporate them into library services as appropriate.


Increase sharing of resources, including content, skill, and technology, by working collaboratively with the information technology departments of Loyola and Notre Dame and broader library communities.

  • Objective 1:

    Develop simple integrated methods for patrons to use library services, including accessing print and electronic materials and financial transactions.
    • Strategy 1:
      Provide one card ID access to patrons from both campuses.
  • Objective 2:

    Provide faculty and students access to the same content and software available on their campuses, creating seamless network access.
    • Strategy 1:
      Showcase emerging academic technologies to faculty and students for improved information access.
  • Objective 3:

    Partner with library associations, such as Affinity, Maryland Interlibrary Consortium, and the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, on emerging digital services and collections and incorporate them into library services as appropriate.
    • Strategy 1:
      Expand shared digital products and projects with consortia such as the AJCU and Maryland Digital Library archives projects.


Increase sharing of resources with information technology departments of the two schools and partner with library associations on emerging digital services and collections. Adapt and adopt open source software wherever possible.