Finding Primary Sources

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Primary sources are original accounts or records of historical events. These sources are from the time period involved, and they have not been filtered through interpretation. Primary sources include:

  • Diaries, journals, speeches, interviews, letters
  • Memoirs and autobiographies
  • Government records, such as birth, death and marriage certificates, census records, licenses, patents, trial transcripts, etc.
  • Records of organizations, i.e., minutes, reports or correspondence
  • Original Documents (e.g. family Bible records)
  • Photographs, documentaries, sound recordings of actual events
  • Survey Research such as market surveys and public opinion polls

Note: Newspaper, magazine and journal articles and books written at the time about a particular event are often considered primary sources. These accounts were usually written by journalists or other observers at the time of the event. Materials that are written later and/or provide historical analysis are considered secondary sources.

Finding Articles
To find articles on a specific topic, author or book, use the DATABASES. You can access the LNDL databases from anywhere through the LNDL homepage at You must have a current library barcode to access databases from off campus. Your barcode is on your ID. (It’s the number that begins with 22425. . . .)

Newspaper Accounts/Periodicals
American Periodical Series (1740-1900)
New York Times Historic (1851-1998)
The Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective (1860-1865)
The Pennsylvania Gazette (1728-1800)
Times (London) (1785 - 1985)

Books Available at the Library
Use the library catalog on the library's web site at Terms to try in looking for primary sources (use a subject and/or keyword search):

Personal narratives
History sources
History documents.

Some sources that include United States Documents are:
Annals of America E173 .A793 v. 1-21
Public Papers of the Presidents J80 .A283
Historic Documents of … Reference E839.5H57 1972-73;1975-2002

Archives of Maryland F176.A67 v. 1-70

Other Useful Databases
Early English Books Online (1475-1700) Digital library of books printed in English from 1475-1700.
Eighteenth Century Collections Online Works published in Great Britain and its dependencies from 1701-1800.
Digital National Security Archive (DSNA) Declassified government documents from the National Security Archive on U.S. foreign and military policy since 1945
In the First Person In-depth index of more than 3,350 collections of personal narratives in English from around the world
Reader's Guide Retrospective Citations to popular American journal and magazine articles from 1890-1982.

Web Sites
The Internet has become a great source of primary materials. Select a search engine or directory such as Google ( or Yahoo ( and type in your topic and primary sources or one of the other terms listed above.

Another great search directory is: Librarian's Index to the Internet (

Selected Web Sites for Primary Materials/Digital Collections

Note: You do need to be careful to check the reliability of Internet sources. For more information, refer to the library's guide at

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