Loyola University Maryland

Statewide Conference on Bioethics in the High School Curriculum


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Bioethics at the High School Level

Including bioethics in the high school curriculum is warranted for several reasons:

  • With the rapid advances in medical sciences, biotechnology, neuroethics, and experimentation, the current and future cohorts of high school students will have many bioethical issues before them and their families; 
  • As citizens they will have the responsibility of participating in forming public policy that is aligned with their own moral values; and
  • In concert with their fellow human beings around the world they will be called on to advocate for the just distribution of medical and healthcare services to all peoples,especially the vulnerable and oppressed.

Vision Beyond the Conference

The planned fall conference is a breakthrough event as a first step in the eventual establishment of Loyola as a major center for professional development, research, and consulting  in the area of high school bioethics regionally and nationally. After the conference we will host study groups of educators who might be interested in further  development of their own knowledge and skills. Within a year or so, Loyola would take the initiative to partner with other universities in collaborative research, curriculum development, and training projects.