Community Service isn't just about building houses...
Serving food to the hungry...
Or spending time with children.
It's about
shooting hoops with a teenager in an after-school program.
Helping a third grader learn to read.
Taking a course about social change in Africa, then having a conversation with Sudanese refugees.
Playing bingo with a 90-year-old grandmother, one of 5.4 million Americans living with Alzheimer's.
Discussing immigration ethics in class, then teaching English as a second language downtown.
Considering why one of the richest countries in the world still struggles with educational inequality.
Tutoring an adult as part of Baltimore Reads...then writing a paper on literacy and ethics.
planting mulching pruning watering harvesting vegetables
At one of Baltimore's 100 community gardens.
Getting to the core of the reason
why 884,000,000 people worldwide...
don't have access to clean water...
...then applying for a grant to research solutions.
Baking over a dozen pies
Then delivering themwith Moveable Feast to homebound cancer patients.
Navigating a van through
some of downtown
Baltimore's 225 neighborhoods... without spilling the two vats of chicken soup in the backseat.
Traveling to
El Salvador to visit Archbishop Romero's home and seeing where he stood in solidarity with the struggle of his people.
Building a house with Habitat for Humanity, alongside the grateful future homeowner.
Challenging the traditional arguments for why 925 million people worldwide suffer from hunger.
Staying up all night during Relay for Life to raise $200,000 to fight cancer.
Asking why minimum wage can't support a family...
your congressperson
to do something
about it.
Discovering you have things in common with a...
34 year old Haitian immigrant 57 year old Burmese refugee 12 year old orphan from Mexico
Volunteering alongside strangers...
until those strangers
become your friends.
Community service is not just about changing the
world—it's about changing your own point of view.

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At Loyola, our community service efforts are mostly coordinated by the Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ). Through community service, we work to serve others, create a more just and equitable world, and broaden the perspectives of those participating in service. It's an important part of our Jesuit mission.

CCSJ partners with more than 70 local community agencies and hosts a variety of on-campus social justice events. You might incorporate community service into your classroom studies through service-learning, or explore social justice issues during an immersion trip.

Whatever aspect of community service you participate in, we will equip you for the challenge, guide you through the experience, and encourage you to reflect afterward and evaluate the impact. Your experience will require you to step outside of your comfort zone, to closely examine the ethical issues our world faces, and to work alongside others to address social justice concerns.

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