Playing a
sport isn't just about the final score or breaking records or taking home trophies.
It's about...
Sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, stretches, lifting weights, and running laps.
Tossing a frisbee competitively
at Diane Geppi-Aikens field.
Practice that begins before dawn...
and ends after dark.
Creating a pre-game playlist for your club soccer tournament.
Pump-Up Jams
  1. Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
  2. Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running
  3. OK Go - Invincible
  4. Muse - Time is Running Out
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero
  6. Vampire Weekend - Run
  7. Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
  8. Lady Gaga - Just Dance
  9. The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up
  10. U2 - Beautiful Day
Finally finding the end of a 15-yard roll of athletic tape.
Heading to the 6,000 seat Ridley Athletic Complex
for the big game, decked
out in green & grey.
your team
your coach
your safety rope
your stick
your own two feet
Holding your breath in anticipation during the final moments of play at...
...or overtime at
Reitz Arena
Finding the courage to perform at McManus Theatre after just one term of dance.
Running with the strength & heart of a Greyhound.
Losing your voice cheering during the Battle of Charles St., a tradition that began in 1939.
Scaling a mountainside with Outdoor Adventure Experience... after overcoming your fear of heights on the rock wall at the FAC.
Writing a
ten-page paper after a tough loss... and still giving it your all.
Putting your heart into the game... and into the after-game handshake.
Traveling more than 6,750 miles to Japan with your team for the International Friendship and Freedom Games.
Offering encouraging words to your team mates & your opponents
Winning on turf on wood in water
Buying tickets to the big dance...
Painting your face green and grey...
Driving 5 hours to support your
fellow greyhounds...
Hearing the shouts of 2,000 fellow students in the Dog Pound at Reitz Arena, and knowing you've got more than just your team behind you.
Diving for the save in an intramural sand volleyball game.
Pushing yourself to what you
think is the
limit, and then going a
little further.
Discovering that the effort was worthwhile, regardless of the final score.
Playing on a team is not just about your experiences on the
field—it's about how your experiences on the field change you.

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At Loyola, we believe that a good education strengthens more than just the intellect. It's an idea we call cura personalis—care for the whole person. What it really means is that a Loyola education will strengthen your mind, your body, and your spirit.

You might play on one of our 18 NCAA Division I athletic teams, join a club or intramural sport, go exploring off-campus with an outdoor adventure program, or take advantage of one of our health and fitness programs. No matter which program you participate in, becoming a Greyhound will help you realize your potential, strengthen your talents, and learn to see every new challenge as an opportunity to grow.

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