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President - Ariana Azzato

Ariana oversees the executive board and serves as the liaison between the RHA and SGA. Ariana represents the residents to the SGA Executive Council, to the director of student life, and to the community at large. Furthermore, Ariana is responsible for organizing social and educational activities in conjunction with the offices of student activities and student life.

Vice President Of Policy - John Kelley

John keeps the executive board informed of the current resident issues. John organizes open forums for residents and adminstrators to come together to discuss campus issues and also works closely with administrators to see that resident concerns are being addressed . In addition, John works with the area presidents to help plan programs and handles any necessary business transactions of the RHA (including fund requests).

Vice President of Social Affairs - Kelly Whitfield

Kelly keeps the executive board informed of upcoming events and the planning of major events. These include but are not limited to RHA monthly events, the Loyola Winter Formal, and campus fundraisers. Kelly is also responsible for establishing a calendar of events for the coming year. Kelly works with the directors of PR and the chief of staff to inform the campus of such events.

Chief of Staff - Nahal Sadegh

Nahal compiles and makes working minutes of RHA meetings available to the resident student body at large. Nahal coordinates the collection and record keeping for area meetings and is also responsible for the creation and distribution of publicity for all RHA events and co-sponsored events, activities, and actions. Nahal submits articles/notification of upcoming events to the GreyHound.

National Communications Coordinator - Mariah Messina

Mariah serves as Loyola's Representative to NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) and CAACURH (Central Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls.) Mariah keeps Loyola's RHA updated on national issues and conference information. Mariah also submits all necessary paperwork to NACURH for yearly reapplication.

Resident Assistant Liaison - Annie Bolan

This position serves as the liason between the RHA and the Student Life Staff. Annie works closely with the RHA regarding the role of RAs and the role of the RHA in promoting community building. Annie also supports the RHA executive board members in facilitating training sessions to RAs.

Director of Public Relations - Crystal Williams 

Crystal works with the Chief of Staff and the VP of Social Affairs to publicize and create awareness of RHA major events and Area Leadership team programs to the campus community by designing posters and flyers. Crystal works to communicate with the campus electronically about events RHA is sponsoring as well as designing electronic flyers and using technology to raise awareness about RHA. Crystal also works to maintain the RHA website so the campus community can easily access information regarding our current and future events. In addition to supporting the main webpage she also maintains internal team pages for the RHA Executive Board.

2014-2015 RHA Executive Board Application Process & Timeline

Application and Reference Form must be return to the Office of Student Life by March 17, 2014.  Application and Reference Form can be obtained on this web page, click on the hyperlink above.