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Want to receive your 2011 W-2 online only?

Opt in for this delivery method—it provides you with access to your new year's W-2 as soon as the forms are ready, without any worry that your personal information may be lost in the U.S. mail.

To access your information and request this service:

  • Log on to inside.Loyola.edu
  • Go to your Quick Links menu and click on "Employee payroll records"
  • For security purposes you will have to log in again to the online forms site (using your Loyla user name and password).
  • Once you've logged in, click on the library icon and then choose "Electronic W-2 Opt in." Click the box authorizing Loyola to send your forms to you electronically through through the employee payroll records site and then hit send. This will stay in effect for as long as you're an employee at Loyola, so there is no need to do this each year.