Support the Loyola Clinical Centers?
1. Features and Benefits

It's impossible to put a price on the value that the Loyola Clinical Centers' care provides to members of the greater Baltimore and D.C. communities. The services offered have made possible countless interventions that might otherwise have gone unaddressed and untreated—whether psychological care for someone struggling with behavior problems or depression, speech-language therapy for a child and his family, or literacy education for someone who has never known the joys of reading.

These successes are possible due to the generosity and spirit of many people—not only our practitioners and clinicians, but also the donors, foundations, and corporations who have provided critical support for our programs. Donors support us in several ways at the Loyola Clinical Centers, whether through unspecified giving applied to the institution's general needs, or engaged giving that is earmarked for specific technology and services.

Your donor support helps improve the affordability and services we are able to provide—and leads to the direct improvement of individual lives. Regardless of how—or how much—you choose to give, you can have an important impact on Loyola Clinical Centers' clients, students, and faculty for years to come.

2. Donate

Your financial support makes a direct and tangible difference in the lives of hundreds throughout the Greater Baltimore and D.C. region. Donors like you provide everything from making sure children and underserved citizens can afford proper care, to state-of-the-art teaching and technology for the next generation of Loyola University-educated psychologists, reading specialists, pastoral counselors, and speech-language pathologists. Without you, the Loyola Clinical Center could not provide the level of services and scholarship that makes it one of the most effective and prominent clinics of its kind.

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To learn more about making a gift to the Clinical Centers, please contact Brent Dailey, Director of Development for the School of Education and Loyola Clinical Centers, via phone at 410-617-2073 or via email at

Current foundation donors include:

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3. Get Involved

In addition to financial support, the Loyola Clinical Centers also rely upon the time and talent of many dedicated volunteers. They do everything from help us administer to the community to facilitate outreach and aid intellectually curious student practitioners in their research. If you are interested in assisting us and helping improve the quality of life for our Greater Baltimore and D.C. region neighbors, we warmly welcome your involvement.

If you would like to volunteer at the Loyola Clinical Centers, please contact us.

4. How to become a corporate/foundation partner

The Loyola Clinical Centers is able to provide an array of services at a substantially reduced cost, thanks, in large part, to its valued corporate and foundation partners. As we expand and enhance our community services, the role of our major philanthropists becomes more pivotal to the success of the Loyola Clinical Centers.

As we continue to develop partnerships with key leaders and organizations throughout the region, we are always grateful for additional assistance and welcome relationships with corporations and foundations, especially those whose interests are aligned with the Loyola Clinical Centers' community services and scholarly activities.

If you are interested in initiating a relationship with the Loyola Clinical Centers, please contact us.