Psychology Services
1. Features and Benefits

Life stress is inevitable, especially when you're dealing with problems at school, in the workplace, and with your friends and family. The important thing is to realize that you do not have to confront your difficulties alone. Through the Behavioral Health and Assessment Services (BHAS) available at the Loyola Clinical Centers, you will find a full range of outpatient psychological care services designed to help you advance from a state of confusion to a state of clarity.

Through assessments and therapy sessions, our responsive, well-trained graduate student clinicians have helped countless individuals overcome their struggles with depression, anxiety, learning and attention problems, as well as major life stress and conflicts, such as low self-esteem, divorce, bereavement, and family or career conflicts. In fact, with small case loads, your student clinician is able to devote the level of time and care you won't receive from other clinics. With the direct supervision and expertise from multiple professors and Licensed Psychologists, you will receive a unique, multi-tiered approach to supervised care.

In keeping with our comprehensive approach to wellness, we also provide well-rounded care to account for various factors contributing to psychological difficulties. Clients and family members may be closely involved in treatment in order to enhance the client's overall well-being and functioning. Ultimately, our client-centric approach will help you overcome your challenges and enable you to have more fulfilling relationships, be more successful in work and school and improve your overall quality of life.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of children and adults with learning and attention problems
  • Individual, couples and family therapy for children and adults with a range of emotional, behavioral and relationship difficulties
  • Social skills groups for children ages 6-17 who are having trouble making friends, negotiating conflict, expressing feelings, or dealing with peer pressure
  • Group therapy for adults having relationship difficulty
  • Career counseling
2. Full Accreditation / Professional / APA Standards

All psychological services provided by the Loyola Clinical Centers are confidential and follow the American Psychological Association's ethical guidelines. In addition, all student clinicians are closely supervised by professionals who are licensed to practice in the State of Maryland.

The Loyola Clinical Centers are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant for confidentiality and privacy in your treatment.

Staff at the Clinical Centers 3. Great place to train others and be trained

The Behavioral Health and Assessment Services at the Loyola Clinical Centers offer graduate students and psychologists the unique opportunity to provide comprehensive and affordable psychological services to clients with a wide range of difficulties, without sacrificing quality. As a doctoral student in Loyola's psychology program, you will gain hands-on clinical experience and relevant fieldwork at the Loyola Clinical Centers, while working closely with a licensed supervisor.

As a supervisor, you can employ your expertise to help train a future psychologist, while providing compassionate, affordable care to your Baltimore neighbors. Moreover, you have a unique opportunity to pursue your own advanced scholarly research. With the support of the University, not to mention a cohort of talented graduate students eager to assist you in your work, you have the support and resources available to prepare significant scholarly contributions for peer review and advance knowledge in the field.

The community environment of the Loyola Clinical Centers reflects Loyola's devotion to education, service, and holistic care—proving that comprehensive service can truly benefit the community, students, and professionals.

Contact Us

For questions about general psychology services, contact:
La Keita D. Carter, PsyD
Division Director
Behavioral Health and Assessment Services

For questions about psychotherapy, contact:
Angelita Yu, PhD

For questions about assessment and testing, contact:
Julie O'Reilly, PsyD

For questions about social skills groups, contact:
Judy Johnson-Grados, PsyD

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