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What schedule do the CS and SE graduate programs follow?

Courses are offered on a two-semester plus summer basis. The Fall and Spring semesters follow the university's graduate academic calendar. There is one summer session that overlaps the two in the university's standard calendar. The summer session focuses on electives, notably special topics courses.

Where are the graduate courses offered?

Courses are offered at the Timonium and Columbia Graduate Centers. Graduate students may also make use of facilities at the Evergreen (main) Campus in Baltimore.

Who teaches the courses?

Our courses are taught by members of our full-time research faculty and affiliate faculty members who are leading-edge industry professionals. This differentiates us from other programs which are taught only by affiliates.

Do you offer online degrees?

No. There are online components to our courses, but no entirely online programs or courses. Why? Students like the personal interaction and networking that occur in our programs. In fact, there is so much opportunity for personal interaction that we sometimes say we have "concierge" programs. On the other hand, online courses have certain demonstrated problems.

Are there research opportunities?

Yes! Students may pursue independent study with faculty with matching interests. This may be done as a single independent study course or as a thesis option that replaces two courses. Students who have exercised either option have published papers in conference proceedings and journals.

Can programs be tailored to meet individual needs?

Yes. The most common way is to use the independent study option to study a specialized or advanced topic as agreed to by a faculty member. Contact your advisor or the Department for more information.

How much is tuition?

Tuition for the 2014-2015 academic year is $850 per credit. Each course is three credits. There are no separate lab fees.

Is financial assistance available?

Several assistantships covering partial tuition and expenses are available. Contact the Department or Graduate Admissions for details. Other forms of assistance are available from external sources. Finally, there is an installment payment program. See our Financial Aid and Payment page.

Can I take a single course?

Yes, as long as you possess the prerequisites, either through prior academic courses or significant, demonstrable industry experience. When filling out the online application, you have a choice of your program: MSCS, MSSE, Special Student (limit 2 courses at this status), or Master's Plus (Master's degree required).

Other questions:

Contact the Department: Lewis Berman at (410) 617-2587 or, if unavailable, Margaret Daley at (410) 617-2464, or e-mail inquiry@cs.loyola.edu.