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African and African American Studies


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ALANA: African, Latino, Asian, and Native American Student Services

Office of Academic Affairs and Diversity

Office of International Programs (Ghana, Guadeloupe)

National Council for Black Studies

AAAS Courses

Spring 2014

Courses that automatically count toward AAAS: 

AH306D Ancient Egypt (Bonnell)
CM330D Stereotypes in U.S. Film and Television (Whitehead)
HS359 African American History through Film (Leonard)
HS367D Black Women in the Atlantic World (Leonard)
HS389D Women & Social Change in Modern Africa (Schmidt)
 PS389 African American Political Thought (Schaub)
SC365 Neighborhood & Community in Urban America (Smith)

Courses that may count toward AAAS elective credit:*

ED348D Developmental Economics (McCornac)
MK346D Consumer Behavior (Trump)

* Electives may count toward AAAS credit if the final paper or project significantly engages African, African American, or African diaspora studies. The student must seek approval in advance from the program director and it is the student’s responsibility to work with the course instructor to ensure that the final paper or project is on AAAS topics.